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Livingstone Cathedral of Worship

Sunday, Apr 5th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Apr 12th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Apr 19th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Apr 26th @ 10:00am
Morning Service

God ordained the covenant of marriage and blessed it in its fruitfulness and its permanency.  The intended purpose of the Marriage Ministry here at Living Stone Cathedral of Worship is to instruct couples in biblical application in making them aware of God’s intent.  Satan’s stronghold is divorce, but God’s plan for marriages has already been established and settled in heaven and earth, and it is His desire that every marriage will find its sufficiency in the authority of the Bible.  Therefore, we understand that divorce is not an option, and “that which God has joined together let no man put asunder.” (Matthew 19:6)       


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