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Livingstone Cathedral of Worship

Sunday, Jan 21st @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Jan 28th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Feb 4th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Feb 11th @ 10:00am
Morning Service

Mission & Vision Statement


The mission of our church is to fulfill the great commission given to us by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20. Our goal is to make disciples of all people, indiscriminate of who they are or where they may be located. We will equip them to do the same. We encourage people to worship, preach, teach, train, grow, love and fellowship; all according to the unaltered Word of God. We do all things to the glory and honor of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It’s not “religion” that counts but our relationship with Jesus Christ and adherence to his Word.


  1. That every Sermon, Sunday school class, bible study, and all Ministries of this church affect “life change”, for both young and old who attend here at Living Stone Cathedral of Worship.
  2. That the lives of each member of this body will be a 24-hour a day, everyday in the year, living testimony for Jesus Christ. 
  3. That the Bible will be the resolution to all differences and all conflicts concerning individual families, or any other relationships in this body. 
  4. That giving becomes a way of life for our entire body, so that it becomes a part of our worship to God. 
  5. That we promote business among ourselves, support entrepreneurs who have a proven track record. 
  6. To provide a seven (7) day a week feeding outreach program. 
  7. To provide a complete Health Fitness Program including, medical and healthy eating advice. 
  8. Provide a Senior Citizen Complex with transportation and other support. 
  9. Provide a scholarship for one (1) student a year and to continue the small scholarships for each graduating high school senior.
  10. This Vision I now see is and will remain open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit for whatever He wants to do with us, to the Glory of the Father.


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