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Livingstone Cathedral of Worship

Sunday, Feb 5th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Feb 12th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Feb 19th @ 10:00am
Morning Service
Sunday, Feb 26th @ 10:00am
Morning Service

A Brief History
Living Stone Cathedral of Worship, as we are now known, began in early 1950 with a few believers, under the direction of the founding Pastor R.E. Edwards, in a tent on a one acre lot. In 1951, the first edifice, the “Pink Church”, was erected on that dusty lot. Pastor Edwards led the congregation until the Lord led Pastor Edwards to his successor; Henry W. Hearns. Sr. Bishop Henry W. Hearns became pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church on April 18, 1965.
As pastor, he wasted no time in his effort to expand the ministry. Next to the pink church, Pastor Hearns and church family built the educational building that Pastor Edwards had envisioned, which is now the Fellowship Hall. In 1975, the Sanctuary was erected which was built upon the exact plot of the “Pink Church.”  Instructed by God, and prepared with multiple degrees in engineering, Bishop Henry Hearns designed the sanctuary in the similitude of Noah’s ark. The original cornerstone from the “Pink Church” is on the left side of the building, while a new cornerstone was built for the right side.  The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were the stepping stones of what is seen today. In 1993, the 16,400 square foot Educational Facility was constructed. As the congregation continually outgrew its confines, Bishop Hearns remembered the prophecy God had given him in 1975 -First Missionary Baptist Church would be a light in the Antelope Valley. Again, instructed by God, he designed the Cathedral. In 2005, the Lord gave Bishop Hearns and his congregation a new 20,000 square foot worship center and a new name. 
With the spiritual fortitude and forty year faithfulness of Bishop Hearns, Living Stone Cathedral of Worship moves forward under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. With the purchase of ten additional acres in 2004, God has given Bishop Hearns and the congregation expectations for projects such as a Recovery House, restaurant, barber and beauty shop and a general store. In this year of Liberty and Comfort, Living Stone Cathedral of Worship intends to be the light in this valley as prophesied, offering the liberty and comfort only Jesus Christ can give.


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